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Vyas Divya Jyoti Boarding School

Vyas Divya Jyoti Boarding School

Damauli, Tanahun, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Damauli
  • Damauli, Tanahun
  • Damauli, Tanahun, Nepal ,Damauli, Tanahun
  • Damauli, Tanahun

Welcome to Vyas
Vyas Divya Jyoti School, named after a great sage Ved Vyas, came into being on the 1st of March 1981 with a view to fulfilling in this locality long felt need of a privately run boarding school. The school not only intends to producing pupils capable of facing complexities of this new age but it also enables its pupils to adapting themselves to its dynamic forces.
"Personality development through quality education" is the motto of the school. By Personality development" we mean balanced developmnet of all those aspects of an individual which contribute to his well being. To be precise, it means , balanced development of an individual\'s cognitive and affective aspects. On the other hand, "quality education" inour case refers to educational atmosphere replete with such teaching learning experiences where children may acquire highest possible educational achievement. Hence the school will not spare any effort to translate its motto into reality.
The school aims at:
a. Achieving the national objectives of education and other objectives of schools as formulated by the national Education System Plan.
b. Developing all round personality of each individual pupil regardless of his/her colour, gender, caste, religious belief and social standing
c.Producing pupils with creative mind useful not only to themselves but also to their family, society, the country and fellow beings.
d. Fostering in its pupils belief, attitude and other emotional qualities useful to their life, family, soiciety, the country and fellow being
e. Cultivating in its pupils qualities of leadership with emphasis on discipline and character