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Kathmandu Hospital

Kathmandu Hospital

Tripureshwar, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Tripureshwar
  • Tripureshwar, Kathmandu, Nepal ,Tripureshwar
  • Tripureshwar
  • 01 4222292, 01-4229656, 01-4262194, 01-4228746

Kathmandu Hospital Pvt. Ltd., established in 2054 B.S, at the heart of the capital as multi-specialty general hospital, ismanaged by renowned senior doctors to promote healthcare needs at an affordable price. It offers a full range of preventive,diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative and surgical as well as counseling therapy through in-patient department (IPD) & out-patient department (OPD). Established with the prime objective of rendering the best health care service possible.>